Access controls for Netgear EX6000 / EX6120 WiFi Extender Device

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Access controls for Netgear EX6000 / EX6120 WiFi Extender Device

From this blog, you will get the detailed steps that are helpful to you in accessing the control of the device and the devices are Netgear Ex6000 and EX1620 wifi extenders.

Here are some of the major and the most important steps

Step 1: Before proceeding to the steps just keep one thing in your mind which is; always use that type of computer which is currently connected with the internet through the extender’s network. For checking the device whether it is connected to the network through the extender first check the LED light of your device which must be in green color.

Netgear booster setup

Step 2:  Using the browser of your computer and the browser may be anyone like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or internet chrome. Just visit to the website which is

Step 3: After the loading of the website, you will be asked to enter the details of the user name as well as password. Enter the default details of both and then click on the login button.

Step 4: Now, click on the option of settings and then proceed to the option of the connected devices. Also check for the Netgear extender setup here.

Netgear_ext Netgear Extender access

Step 5: Move to the option of the access control and enable this option and make sure that you have only selected those devices that you want to give access control to the network that you are using.

Step 6: After this click on the option of save for getting all of your settings saved successfully.

Congratulations! After this you can done your work. Keep on following our website if you want to resolve your errors or problems that are related to devices like router or wifi range extenders( whether it is Netgear wifi range extender or any other type of range extenders).





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