How to Configure Nighthawk Router as WiFi Extender

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How to Configure Nighthawk Router as WiFi Extender

if you are having old nighthawk router device for your home network then you can easily configure these old router devices to work as wifi extender device. that means, you will not need to install a new wifi extender device for your home network if you are having dead zone issues. You can place your nighthawk router to any place and then you can have high speed internet connections for your mobile devices.

Here are the Steps to Configure your Netgear Router as WiFi Extender Device | Login

  • Connect your Netgear nighthawk wifi router device with the computer device using the Ethernet card.
  • Now, you can open web browser at your computer device and access the Netgear wifi extender login page using http:// web address. you can also use http:// IP address.
  • Fill the login user name and password for accessing the configuration page for your router device.
  • Go for the “Advanced Setup” option under “Advanced” tab.
  • There you will need to choose the “wireless repeating” option.
  • Select “Enable wireless repeating function” option.
  • After that simple select “wireless repeater” option.

  • Fill the IP address exactly your router device is using and you will need to fill the IP address in the “Repeater IP Address” field.
  • Fill the MAC address in the “Base Station MAC Address” in the given field.
  • Click on the “Apply” button and save the settings that you have made for your devices.

These are the simple steps that you can follow to configure the Netgear Nighthawk router device to work as extender device. you can place this wifi extender device at the place where you are getting slow internet connections. You can also update the firmware for your device and from the blog page for this website you can have more details for Netgear ac1200 dual band gigabit WiFi range extender Netgear ac1200 range extender netgear_ext netgear_ext setup netgear_ext ssid netgear_ext wn3000rp netgear_ext wifi network netgear_ext wifi netgear_ext wn2500rp and

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