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How to Setup Netgear Extender with WPS Button

If you are going to install a new Netgear wifi extender device for your home network then you will need to make sure that your wifi extender and router device can communicate with each other. You will need to connect your devices together using the Ethernet cable or wireless technology and then you can manage the basic and advance settings for your Netgear wifi extender device.

WPS or WiFi protected setup is used so that you can manage the connections between your devices without even accessing the smart setup for your devices. you can use the WPS configurations only if your router and wifi extender device both can support these configurations. If none of the device support WPS configurations then you will need use web browser based settings for your device.

Here are the Steps to Manage WPS Settings for your Netgear WiFi Extender Device

  • First make sure that your Netgear wifi extender and router device both are placed at a same table.
  • Provide power supply to your devices and wait for few seconds.
  • You can now press the WPS button located at the Netgear wifi extender device and wait until the WPS status LED is not solid green in color.
  • After that within few seconds you can press the WPS button that is located at your router side. You can wait till the WPS status LED for your router device doesn’t blink for few seconds.
  • You can repeater all these steps until the configurations for your device not gets completed.

These are the simple steps for using the WSP or wifi protected setup for your new Netgear wifi extender device. you can now remove the power supply for your device and then place your wifi extender device at the location where you are getting slow internet issues. You can also visit the blog page of this website and there you will get more details for Netgear ac1200 mywifiext net range extender Netgear ac1200 dual band gigabit WiFi range extender Netgear wn2000rpt troubleshooting Netgear wn2000rpt login using mywifiextnet Netgear wireless extender netgear_ext Netgear Extender access www mywifiext net login and Netgear extender wn2000rpt

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